At this point, it seems to be necessary to answer the vital Nazi Question. Is Alt-Right inevitably polluted by (Neo)-Nazis? Or is it salvageable as an important voice in the public debate about the future of Western culture?

I find it very odd that someone would want to be associated with Nazis, as Nazis were intellectual mongrels. They tended to be very light-weight in brain power, and easily seduced by occultism and folk stories. Even minus genocide and other atrocities, they were not hip at all. OK, maybe some of their costumes were kinda hip, but c’mon… The close similarities between communists and Nazis are well-documented, as both were working class populist ideologies. They were both competing for the same target group. Unsurprisingly, both were also deeply anti-Jewish.

I know that there is a recurring myth that communism has something to do with Judaism, but nothing can be further from the truth. The respect for private property is inherent in Judaism, and the wealth is seen as a gift from heaven to be left at the disposal of the recipient, not for arbitrary manipulation by the state. Also the basic template for social hierarchy in Judaism is a strict meritocracy, again very much against any working class movement. One can see communism (or Nazism) as an ideology appealing to meritocratic outcasts (i.e. morons).

It’s very possible that most of the antisemitic rants in the alt-right come as a reaction to the PC newspeak. As it is/was a taboo to say something against homosexuals, transsexuals, or feminists, it’s a taboo to say something overtly antisemitic, although criticizing Israel is totally in. Therefore, there is a lot of juvenile glee in all these double parenthesizing and pointing out “vile” Joos everywhere.

Totally hilarious case of a prolific “alt-right” anti-Semite ((Mike Peinovich)) aka Mike Enoch offers an alternative explanation. I’ve read few days ago that he was doxed and it has been revealed that his wife is Jewish. Remember, this is a guy who had a podcast with a title The Daily Shoah... All kinds of speculations ensued with a leading one that his wife was probably too domineering. Right… What if I told you that the simplest and the most straightforward explanation is that he was just a plant to disarm and to weaken alt-right movement? Him and others make it all just too easy to call all alt-right stupid Neo-Nazis and to dismiss its message(s) to the dustbin of history.

This is not to say that the Jews should not be criticized. They should be criticized all the time. It’s very healthy and important. Especially, the liberal Jews who in their fervent escape from the shtetl try to ran us all down into the nightmarish utopia of the modern culture. To the point they become pseudo-Nazis to discredit any vital critique, any healthy trend of self-preservation.

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