I saw a video yesterday from Andy Warski channel, making fun of the diversity training at Google. And then it struck me as lightning: all the phrases from the slides they were mocking are very similar to the rules of group therapy, and of course they are widely used in any training sessions. I can totally understand the reason why they are placed in a diversity training, because well, a diversity training would be created by psychologists. This particular video wasn’t really that funny, because the misunderstanding on the part of Warski and his pal was very clear. Most likely if anybody from Google was watching this video, he would in turn mock their primitive jokes that come from lack of understanding the basics of a training structure. This is part of a bigger phenomenon I refer in the title.

Psychologism replaced religion in many facets of modern Western culture. The entire concept of “safe spaces” has psychological grounds. It’s based on assumptions that being “psychologically safe” is valuable, and “psychological safety” has higher value than truth. The concept of trigger is obviously coming from vulgarized and simplified version of PTSD treatment handbook. Again, triggering a PTSD victim is seen as a sin. Of course the concept of microaggressions and entire associated detailed codex of potential crimes is psychological in origin. Many good willing people swallow this set of concepts without any reflection, because for the lack of other frame of reference, what is psychologically healthy must be good, right?

This replacement of old concepts of good and evil with the new re-branded concept of psychological safety, health, and well-being, has very insidious consequences. First of all, it’s inherently relativistic and subjective.

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